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We use dried urine hormone testing, which combines the benefits of the two most useful methods, 24-hour urine and saliva testing, in one simple test. By collecting four urine samples at specific times of the day, we are able to measure the circadian rhythm of adrenal hormones, which was previously only available with saliva testing.

Our lab partner is the pioneer in dried urine testing with over 30 years of research and clinical use of urine hormone testing. In addition to our years of experience our hormone profiles are larger compared to the DUTCH test. The reporting of the mineralocorticoids and thyroid hormones (free T4 and T3) are unique to our test. Together with DHEA and the glucocorticoids, we find that the mineralocorticoid metabolites provide a comprehensive assessment of adrenal health. In addition to the patient’s medical intake, free T3 and free T4 offer a window into assessing thyroid health.

Our test results are much more simplified making the interpretation easier and more accurate for our practitioners. Our urine sample collection process is also easier.

For a list of our hormone profiles, please refer to this page.

Our health coaches include licensed Naturopathic doctors, Registered Dietitians, and Licensed Nutritionists who are women’s health experts. Additionally, our health coaches have gone through extensive training in women’s hormones and reproductive health through Feminade’s internal onboarding program.

Our smart algorithm will match you with a list of health coaches that best suit your needs. You will then choose a health coach from the list provided and book your first consultation. This health coach will be your dedicated provider throughout your membership at Feminade.

At this time we serve US & Canada members only.

Shipping within the US takes 3-5 business days.

Shipping to Canada takes 3-7 business days.

We provide a return shipping bag and label in your test kit that you can use to return your samples to the lab.

If you haven't submitted your specimen (urine samples) to the lab and decide to cancel your order, you can request a refund by emailing us at

If you have submitted your specimen to the lab, your order is non-refundable.

Our personalized care plans consist of 1. Food as medicine 2. Medical-grade supplements 3. Diet & lifestyle modifications 4. Mindfulness/stress management 5. exercise/movement

Yes, if our assessment indicates that you need bioidentical hormones, our network of doctors can prescribe you bioidentical hormones.

Have a Question?

Reach out with any questions or concerns, we’re here to help!

Have a Question?

Reach out with any questions or concerns, we’re here to help!