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Finally, a test that knows your (real) hormone story!

  • Are your symptoms being dismissed by your doctor?
  • Do you still feel like crap while your test results are “normal”?
  • Are you done with bandaid solutions that come with side effects?
  • And finally, are you done with “Doctor Google” and want real science-based answers to your symptoms?

Well, you and 85% of women out there feel the same!

80% to 90% of women suffer from hormonal imbalance and it takes women 6 to 8 years to be accurately diagnosed after symptoms appear.


So, what exactly is Feminade?

Feminade is the first online concierge for women’s hormones and reproductive health based on alternative medicine.

We help you get to the root-cause of your symptoms efficiently with our advanced at-home hormone testing and then connect you with a licensed medical professional who will review your test results, symptoms, and provide you with a holistic treatment plan.


The right solution is a root-cause approach via holistic medicine, but holistic and naturopathic medicine are extremely expensive in the US and not covered by insurance. (costing women anywhere between $2,500-$3,000 out of pocket expenses for a 4-6 month treatment with a holistic doctor)


Get to The Root of Your Symptoms

If you are like millions of women who are done with bandaid solutions and want to know the underlying reason for your symptoms, then join the movement!

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Top Naturopathic Doctors

in Your Jammies

Great Naturopathic doctors can be costly, since most of them don’t accept insurance and looking for the right doctor can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ve solved these problems for you!


You shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you.

- Jessica Alba

What's Inside?

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  • > 1 at-home hormone test kit.
  • > 60 minute online consultation with a vetted, licensed physician to offer treatment recommendations for any symptoms.

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Why Choose Feminade?



Know your hormone story

I founded Feminade as a frustrated woman in the current healthcare system that dismisses women’s symptoms as “normal” and provides harmful band aid solutions. I also realized I’m not alone and millions of women share my pain. Feminade is a platform to educate and empower women and provide them with products and services to gain optimal health.  

Roya Pakzad, Feminade CEO